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Worker's Compensation - What We Offer

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Workers’ compensation laws (state and federal) were established to protect people who become injured on their job. They provide injured workers with predetermined financial awards which are designed to eliminate the need for litigation. However when a claim is denied, it becomes necessary to hire an attorney who workers on compensation (state and federal) claims to review and litigate your case.

The Law Office of Eric J. Land LLC has extensive experience in New London, CT specific workers’ compensation cases as well as in the following:

The Federal Employment Compensation Act (FECA)—This Act provides workers’ compensation for federal, non-military employees and is very similar to most state compensation laws. Awards are based on the employee being injured due to reasons that do not involve intoxication or their own willful misconduct.
Mine Workers—Mine workers are protected by the Black Lung Benefits Act, which has established a fund with the Secretary of Labor to remit payments to mine workers suffering from pneumoconiosis (or Black Lung).
Rail Workers—The Federal Employment Liability Act (or FELA) covers workers on rail lines that engage in interstate commerce and protects them from job-related injury costs and loss.

On the job injuries must be addressed through federal workers’ or state compensation laws, and this requires special handling by an experienced attorney. If damages were extensive enough to not be fully covered by workers’ compensation, there are certain instances where an independent lawsuit may be filed against an employer to recover punitive damages. If you can prove your employer purposely hurt you or that workers' compensation is not enough, contact the Law Office of Eric J. Land LLC today.