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Attorney Eric J. Land was admitted to the bar in 1989 and served for over 20 years with a partnership firm. Recently, he seceded and opened his own firm, the Law Office of Eric J. Land LLC. What does this mean for you? This means with Attorney Eric J. Land, you will be receiving one on one attention to your case with the benefit of his experience in personal injury law, workers' compensation law and longshore claims law on your side.

With a total of 25 years of experience in these three areas of law, be assured you are receiving extremely strong representation through even the most difficult claims. Attorney Land is one of the most reputable lawyers in the New London, CT area, having zero instances of complaints or corrections actions during his entire tenure.

When you retain the Law Office of Eric J. Land LLC, their primary focus is your well-being. They will keep you involved in the entire legal process while at the same time protecting you from the most stressful aspects of it while they work behind the scenes to ensure you receive the settlement to which you are entitled under law. Contact the Law Office of Eric J. Land LLC today to discuss your case and learn your options in a professional, experienced and confidential manner.